Vitamin Water.

I have been thinking about something… tonight I was sitting outside of a coffeeshop in Mount Holly. It is nice and quant and peaceful. Or at least it was. I was with a few friends of mine talking about so many things, but mainly, just enjoying our night finishing up our coffee. Suddenly, what sounded like a gun shot was really a vitamin water bottle bashing up against the glass next to us. Someone driving in a large black SUV thought it was funny to throw, from a moving vehicle, a full open bottle of pink vitamin water. Not only was it dangerous, it nearly missed my friends head and another’s feet. On top of that it was just plain rude. I am not sure why someone we do not even know would throw something at us. I am still kind of shocked. Who does that? Are you that bored with your lame life that you have to throw an object from a moving vehicle then proceed to speed away and scream from the window? Seriously, I have no idea why that happened tonight.  Though we weren’t injured or actually attacked, I cannot help but wonder about the condition of the person in that black SUV. I cannot help but wonder what brought them to a point of such a meaningless and yet stupid act.


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