guys today i spent the day, not in a school chair and desk. i was at the Cooper Trauma Center. i did not go on the trip as a day off of school, but i went as a way to see for real, the reality of life AND death. when we arrived to the hospital, we were taken upstairs to see the helipad, where the helicopters land and people receive IMMEDIATE help. there we were told stories of people who decided not to take seriously their life….therefore they DIED. i was standing in a room, that when and emergency arrives, it becomes red in seconds to few minutes. thats how quick life can be lost. we went to the trauma unit and saw people who survived the trauma, however were left with the scars and wounds from their’s or other people’s CHOICES. we lastly went to the morgue…in case you didn’t know…that is the place where the dead bodies are placed. now what is my reason for posting this?? who the heck knows…maybe its because i realized today more than anything… that GOD IS OUR ANSWER!! that you people who continually ignore the STOP SIGNS IN LIFE….you will end up in the trauma center then the morgue… because you were a foolish idiot who decided not to care. you see the choices we make daily, decide our existence tomorrow… or rather whats left of our existence. you may speed then wrap yourself around a tree…and then whatever is left of you has to live with that. or you may drink or take a drug and then have to be pumped. or you may try to kill yourself, but the suicide fails and you are left with only half you face cause you blew the other half off. guys these choices, actions will live by…CAN AND WILL KILL. why can’t that be all the more reason to CHOOSE to live at least a life of certainty. i know i am certain taht when i die i will see God and enter with joy. sadly that is not true for everyone. think about what you do. people care about you. I CARE ABOUT YOU. GOD CARES ABOUT YOU. he loves you and doesnt want to see you do something idiotic because you were drunk or high or just plain dumb. he wants you to be able to see your 18th bday or be able to have a wedding or graduate. THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU DO!! please guys….just think…its not a game. its about life and how you live it and what you live for. also what you DIE for.

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