i just saw an advertisment for discovery channel about REBUILT, the show about the human body getting restructured after something tragic occurs.  then something hit me… one of the people said

“you fall….so what?? get back up”

so this should be something we do….go and get back up and don’t be afraid.  so what if you got problems…get over it. i dont mean to sound rude but it could always be worse.  why try to enhance your problems by dwelling in your problems?? its just really something to think about.  you look at the people who are on the show REBUILT and they are people who lost legs, arms, hands, whatever….and they get a prostetic arm or leg or something.  when someone receives a prostetic leg, they are guaranteed to fall.  but every time they fall, they persevere and GET BACK ON THEIR FEET.  so when you screw up or mess up or make a mistake…so what?? yeah ya might have done something that you shouldn’t have done but you realize it and stand back up. 


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