everything about God ASTOUNDS ME!!! i can not get through one day without being touched by him.  everyday he surprises me with so much more than i can expect.  i went to the winter youth retreat PURIFY….and i realized this: God can PURIFY me no matter what i have done.  no matter how much you slip up or how often you screw up….God is there and just wants you to return to him and cry out to him!!  if you give him everything from decisions to addictions to sins to school to relations…God will help you no matter HOW DEEP YOU GOT YOURSELF!!!! he wants you to be happy so he can bless you and reveal to you how much he has planned for you!!! i know in the last week he has EXTREMELY BLESSED ME!!! he has helped me realize that his purpose he has for me is awesome even if its not all revealed at once.  he has brought a few good friends into my life that are changing me completely.  God rocks!!! hands down!!!!!!!!

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  1. i wish i could of gone to the winter retreat…sadness. so do you have your southwestern email address yet? if so, you should definetely join the facebook which everyone in college is on! facebook.com a wayyyyy better version of myspace. no comparison. also me and busi are coming home Easter weekend and we want to hang out with you and all others! free up the weekend! peace out. Tomi [:

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