“a spirit of prostitution leads them astray, they are unfaithful to their God…”
-hosea 4:12b

every day in our lives…we PROSTITUTE our spirit…we give our entire mind and maybe body completely devouted to everything else BUT GOD… thats’ exactly what this prostitution is!! we allow this distraction to take our focus and attention off of God and onto something else…we become unfaithful.  this unfaithfulness is the exact thing that an adultress wife does to her husband.  she cheats on her beloved…her husband by giving her focus, time, attention to someone else!! then she returns to him as if NOTHING ever happened…a lie.  i am so sick of continually doing that to God.  I AM SICK AND TIRED OF HAVING THIS SPIRIT OF PROSTITUTION!!…yeah so i am not an actual prostitute but its the principle of the matter….and i am sick of remaining UNFAITHFUL to my God…the one God that takes me back everytime after i screw up!! he always lets me return to him!! on this early morning of easter….i have to say without christ dying…i would forever remain in this circumstance…but i have to thank jesus for his sacrifice knowing that even if i do screw up…he is there ready to take me back!!!

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