ever been to a stadium of some kind where thousands of fans and people are cheering, screaming out the various names of the players, band, or speaker? was it ever loud enough to hear it outside perfectly? were the floor and bleaches shaking?

last night in the gymnasium of Southeastern University, 2100 college students jumped and screamed, cheering the name of Jesus, over and over again. picture the image of the stadium of fans–now picture a gym of college students. picture the intensity of the screams; the volume of the noise; the massive group of students yelling out to Jesus!!!

last night at FireFall ’06, the entire student body of Southeastern University, felt God’s fire FALL. we could not stop praising him. we could not stop cheering or jumping. we could not stop screaming the name of the one who took it all. for those who think there is no God, for those who think there is no man that can heal, for those who think there is no possible way to believe something unseen—last night the God who can heal, SHOWED up in an evident visible way!! God- is still the same God of Moses, who split the sea, the same God of David, the boy who killed the giant, Elijah, the prophet who prayed FIRE from the sky, the same God of Jesus, who raised him from the dead- and he SHOWED UP AGAIN!!!


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