it’s been a while. i have just been so distracted and honestly confused in my life and the things that are before me. so much has happened and i just need direction…i need God to guide me! i am trying to discover the plans God has for me at the moment in time. what am i to do with Emerge Worship–should i definitely do youth worship with them? How much involved does God want me at Church on the Ridge…what are his plans? Am i supposed to audition for tour teams to do worship, which is one of my passions? Or should i commit to being the FCA intern this summer and audition second semester for tour teams? Should i go to spain during spring break and continue in missions? What can i do to help with finances to ensure me staying at southeastern? will God bring those people in my life back together and heal their marriage? when will i be completely free and know God’s restoration…and allow it for my life? i don’t know…life is just crazy at this moment. these months have been some of the hardests months of my life and is not getting easier. i just need God and his EVERYTHING in my life!!! restoration, forgiveness, healing, power, boldness, strength, freedom, holiness, righteousness, revival!!!

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  1. Anonymous

    hey, well i don’t know any of the answers to those questions. but like the bible says, Don’t worry on the things of tomorrow. Instead give them up to God and have peace inside knowing that when it is time for you to know He will tell you exactly what to do. Through prayer we are strong. I know we don’t talk very much but I wish you the very best with everything going on. Just remain strong in the Lord and the plan He has for your life will be shown to you. Well I’m on my lunch break so I’m gonig to get going. Only 3 more weeks here and then Hawaii, yes! I’ll talk to you later. God bless.

  2. Hi. my name is Rachel…. i’m trying to find ppl that know-love God. um…. i found you on the Wait For Me site thing idk what it is but… I’m kind of a Christian. but really want to get to know God more before it’s to late… but… ya… so…. I guess i’ll go now so… Bye i guess. lol

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