its been a while since i really fought inside my heart to find the words. life has been a strain lately and i need to just sit and think. i need to listen to what my mind and heart is screaming. so here, the words come forth. i have been very distant from God lately, not in a completely bad way, “backsliding way”. i just have been in this dry spell where i haven’t known really how to reach God. i feel stuck in the middle of a desert but i can see the oasis near. no matter how close i get to it, there is still distance and thirst and hunger. i need refreshment. but even though this is how i have felt…God has proven himself to me over and over. he has never let me go alone anywhere, nor has he left me behind. he continually reminds of his love, grace, peace…he rescues me in my desert and carries me to the oasis. he is always constant and unwavering, no matter how conditional i become. he is always there.

“as i fall asleep. will you comfort me?
when i’m weak. will you rescue me?”

he is my last thoughts when i drift into sleep and my first in my waking moments of each day. i always have such a peace that everything will be okay….as long as i believe and trust in him.

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