death has become yet another reality for my life. another story. another life ended. 3 weeks into the semester i found out that one of the girls i worked with all last semester died in a fatal accident this summer. she tried, like many other times, to beat the train at the railroad crossing. however, this time she did not beat it. in mere seconds her jeep collided into an Amtrak and her life was taken.

at times i just dont understand why some people have to die. death has been something i have had to bear with many times. however, that does not make it any easier to cope with. it just makes me calloused towards it. kacee hanscom was 18 years old. a great girl. an amazing waitress that i worked with basically every shift last semester. but what breaks my heart is not knowing where she is now. did she believe fully in God or was she on the fence? did she believe God was her savior or did she not care at all? this question can never be answered by anyone. i will never know. all i know is that yet another teenage death occured and people were left broken and confused…

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