i am so thankful. God is incredible and i am awestruck. where do i even begin? this semester started off rough. classes are very challenging this semester. the first full week of classes my dad was rushed to the ER for unknown reasons. the following day my aunt passed away. relying on God through grief is so hard, but when you do you find comfort. and he gets you through it! another amazing thing for me is just the friendships i have further developed this semester. my roommate and suitemates are amazing and i love them all! my other friends i have come to know closer and learn to love them all the more. God has provided for me closer relationships with people from back home. restoring old ones, creating new ones, refreshing other ones. its amazing. i just got back from the winter youth retreat, where i was a youth leader. seeing those kids cry out to God was amazing! i was able to speak to many of them just as a friend. one of the greatest blessings that God has recently allowed was to let me date one of my closest friends. though it has been a long process, i know it is what God has blessed. i am so excited to see this unfold further!

God is amazing and proves himself over and over againg…in spite of struggle, pain or even joy.

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