Disappointed Hopes

Today was a rather disappointing day. Before I go further, I want to you to read everything before making an opinion on what I have to say. If you were to question all of the students on this trip to Israel you would find out some disappointed rests in our minds. As we all signed up for this incredible chance to study abroad in Israel, we were given the sure hopes of staying in a building specifically for Southeastern students. At the end of last semester we even reviewed the blueprints and floor plans of the building. Everything was set. However, plans changed. The week before we left for Israel, we were notified that were unable to stay in our building due to some flooding or something. Honestly, the students have been left in the dark for the most part. For the past 2 weeks students have been some what embittered by the fact that there is a beautiful Southeastern building that we are unable to live in. Meanwhile, we stay in a bed & breakfast with mediocre internet and close living quarters. It is less than comfortable.

Today we celebrated the Grand [not] Opening of the Southeastern University Studies Center. We all walked to the building from our guesthouse with a bit of anger. Honestly, I was one of those students. Entering the building and seeing Dr. Rutland’s smiling face didn’t help. I was disappointed that we were told that we were staying in the building then that was taken away from us. A huge part of this disappointment is tied with the fact that Dr. Rutland is resigning. Most of the students were filled with aggravation to the situation. To me, it even felt like Southeastern didn’t care anymore. It felt like a show. None of the special guests- the Board of Regents or alumni- came up to meet and greet the students actually on the study abroad.

Then God worked in my heart. I realize that, yes, I do not like how Southeastern has dealt with everything. Not at all. However, my attitude hasn’t helped anything. I was talking disrespectfully and even ungodly. My attitude was not exemplifying that of Christ. Even further, I realized that while I am here in Israel, I need to make sure I leave a great representation of who Christ is. Regardless if anyone from Israel heard our conversations [whicht they do], I need to make sure that I am not disrespecting or speaking out of line. I want to reflect Christ in spite of things not going my way. That is what I have learned.

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