Trees and the Knesset.

Today we got to visit a few incredible things. We started our day off by planting trees. Okay so that sounds weird or out of place, but the point was to add to Israel. We each planted trees, therefore 43 new trees are growing. We have left something behind in Israel. We made a difference. It was honestly so fulfilling! I loved it! Afterward we left to go to the Parliament of Israel which is called the Knesset. The main purpose for visiting the Knesset was to become aware of the politics and way of government in Israel- understanding that helps the process of understanding the people. It was interesting, though not my favorite part of the day. If anything it showed me that the prophetic words about Israel are coming to pass. After the Knesset we went to the Old City for lunch. Shortly thereafter, we headed to something that would change my life forever. For that, I am writing it in the next post.

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