A Day of Relaxation

Today was an incredible and mostly relaxing day! We went to a Crusader Castle. I thought it was pretty cool- but at the same time it was somewhat disturbing. The architecture of the castle was amazing. But what got to me, again, is the fact that the crusaders fought in the name of God. Just being on site was breathtaking but aggravated me in regards to the reason for the crusader presence in Israel. However the view of from the castle was absolutely stunning!

After the Crusader Castle our group grabbed lunch at Beit Shean. Beit Shean was one of the most incredible sights I have ever seen. The ruins of Beit Shean are from the once extravegant Roman city. Next to Pompeii, Beit Shean is one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of any city ruins. It was amazing! It was cool to try to imagine the city in its glory.

In the afternoon we relaxed at a spring nearby the ruins of Beit Shean. It was definitely needed relaxation. Fresh water spring. 80 degree water. The spring was the perfect temperature. I had fun diving in off the rocks and swimming to the bottom of the spring, which was rather deep. Grabbing ice cream and lemonade, I was satisfied with a great day. We quickly made a stop to Gideon’s Spring which was an interesting experience with our group.

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