heart cry.

take this girl. lost and empty. confused. shattered. waiting. but more than anything, ready. ready for change. ready to move on. ready to be fully alive. awake. all that she is, there is a yearning for more. beyond the normal. beyond the common. beyond. like a nazarite, she is moved by conviction and purpose. it rests within her. it separates her. she is different. even outcasted. looking through the window at the rest, she sits waiting. there is purpose. but in all, there can be no compromise. compromise would be failure. there can be nothing holding her back. her life is not her own. instead it is full of destiny- purpose beyond herself. to bring rescue. to bring beauty. to bring life. more than anything to be pure. compromise is not an option. it can’t be. too much rests on being faithful and true. living like the nazarite fully devoted to the calling at hand. up ahead there is so much. a job. a career. a family. a husband. a child. a country. a destiny. a promise. a calling. conviction is what holds her together and keeps her to her word. conviction is what drives her to actually see through true eyes and lead her to what is ahead. conviction is what leads her to purpose and keeps her moving forward. the heart cry of this girl waits for the beautiful collision of brokenness with beauty, humanity with glory, sacrifice with conviction, and calling with destiny.

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