Dayerlin and Yudinexa.

Tonight I had a reminder of a time in my life that was most precious. Honduras. To be more specific…La Casa De Diamentes (The House of Diamonds). I gaze at one of my pictures and am reminded of something more. Those kids. My last time to Honduras was three years ago. On that trip I had the opportunity to work with the most precious children I have ever met. More than anything, I got to play with these kids. Soccer. The little girls loved to play with my blonde hair. What I loved most was that they loved the hugs. They loved being held. They loved knowing that the moment I saw them, I would embrace them with such love. A love they have never known before. As I gaze at this picture of Dayerlin, I remember that sweet girl. I remember the scar across her stomach. But I also remember her eyes and smile. But I have no idea where she is now. I have no idea if she is alive now. My heart weeps.  Then I look the picture of Yudinexa. She followed me everywhere. The first time I met her, she jumped into my arms and hugged me. I’ve never seen a child smile so big. I have no idea about her whereabouts either. These little girls forever changed me. My life will never be the same because of these beautiful smiles, sweet hugs, and precious little gems. Tonight, as I remember, once more, these girls, I remember why I love going on the mission field. I remember why I know this is what I am supposed to do. To know I can bring hope just with hug to a little child that’s never felt hope before. To know that I can hold their hand just to help them feel safe, even if for a moment. To play silly games with them just to make them feel special. This is what I am desperate to do. I miss Dayerlin. I miss Yudinexa. I pray they are okay. I pray I can see them again. I hope they remember me just as much as I do. I can never forget them.

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