Like air.

Hold your breath. Keep holding. A little bit longer- just keep holding. Hold as long as you can. Suddenly you have become more aware. You feel the need for air. You feel the pulse within. Maybe you feel dizzy or lightheaded. Now breathe. Depending on how long you held your breath, you might even be gasping for air to feel your empty lungs. Breath some more. Maybe this seems strange to you, maybe you already know this, but you need air. When you withhold your body this necessity, it becomes desperate. It needs oxygen. It needs life.

In Acts 2 that is exactly what happened. A group of people had met Jesus when he was on earth. They believed what he said. He promised the coming of His Spirit- not a ghost but something supernatural. The Holy Spirit is much like the air we breath. We don’t pay attention to needing it until we become desperate for it. The people in Acts 2 were waiting in a room desperate for this Spirit to come upon them. They had no idea what it was. But when it came it filled their lungs, their hearts, everything seemingly empty within them and overflowed out. They began to speak in languages unknown to themselves only because of this strange gift they received with the spirit. Our lives need the Spirit of God in our lives just as much as we need air. It always around. It is what gives you the gut feelings, the confidence, so much in our lives. When we really want more of it, it is usually because we’ve deprived its ability in our lives and we become desperate. Finally letting it in and breathing. Like gasping for air.

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