“Without expectancy…you’ll never give birth to anything.”

A great friend of mine and I were having a conversation about God. I have been so disappointed with my church and friends. Honestly with many christians in general. I am sick of those that lack any kind of conviction, or they justify their actions because “they can”.  We don’t see incredible things happening in churches, for the most part, because simply we don’t have sincere expectancy. Or it is falsely motivated. This is not to say that I do not disappoint myself either. But so much of our faith in Christ requires expectancy. Like that of a pregnant woman, we must expect something to come. But with expectancy comes preparation. That is where I feel we get lost. We expect something incredible yet we put in no effort to prepare. A pregnant woman must prepare physically, emotionally, and mentally for the soon-to-be born child. If she doesn’t prepare properly the child may lost or born with defects. If she truly and earnestly desires and expects for her child to be born healthy, she will do all she can to see that happen.

The same goes for our faith. We can expect things, but there must be action. There must be desperation for more. No complacency. No compromise. If we truly desire and expect greater things for our families, friends, churches, schools, nation or whatever else, then we must do our part. Prepare in faith. Pray. Live an uncompromising life. Be above reproach or questionability. I want to see great things take place in my life and in those I love. I expect these things. But it cannot end there. My expectancy must be acted rather than just simple words. But the first step is expecting. The second is preparing. If only we each would stand in our faith and expect more rather than settling for mediocre religion. If only we would truly expect great things to come. Believe they will come. Prepare for them to happen. We would not be the same. Our world would not be the same.

These are just simple thoughts that I have been pondering on since that conversation. I no longer want to just sit and not see. I do not want to be numb with where I am in my faith but rather changed. I expect it now. Finally. I can already see it happening. I can feel it. I just hope my friends, my church, and others would begin to seek after God and expect all that He has for them.

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