Andrew…in the shadow of Peter.

Andrew was the brother of (Simon) Peter and everyone knew it. Andrew and Peter grew up with James and John- all four became disciples of Jesus. Prior to being Jesus’ disciples, they were all fishermen in Galilee. They all understood that their Messiah was coming- John the Baptist constantly announced that the One was coming. They were so excited and desperate to know this Messiah- the true Rabbi- that they left fishing to follow John the Baptist. They became his disciples while they waited for the Messiah. Andrew and John were with John the Baptist at the Jordan River for baptisms when one day something changed. The Baptist announced a man, Jesus, as the Lamb of God, a very title signifying he was the one they had all been waiting for. He was with them, there, in that moment. Talk about being overjoyed. Andrew and John left The Baptist to follow Jesus…they spent the entire afternoon with him just listening. They were with their Messiah! Immediately after they left Jesus’ presence, Andrew- overjoyed with that experience- ran and got his brother Peter. Eventually the brother pairs Peter & Andrew and James & John became the first disciples of Jesus.

Andrew’s name means “manly”. As a fisherman, there was no doubt that he looked manly, however his character revealed the same. He was bold, driven by passion, decisive, deliberate, zealous, and eager. He was willing to put himself in situations of hardship and obscurity if it meant finding the Truth. He was humble. But he lived in the spotlight of Peter, who was in Jesus’ inner of circle with James and John. However, not once is there a sign of resentment or bitterness. He was supportive in their ministry, even if it meant being in background.

Andrew knew the importance of the individual soul. Immediately after being with Jesus, he ran and got Peter- leading him to Christ. There are other Biblical examples where Andrew would bring different to meet Jesus because he knew Jesus would want to meet anyone wanting to meet Him. Andrew never spoke to the crowd. He was not a preacher. Peter became one of the greatest preachers of the disciples, but everything Peter did- all of his ministry- is directly linked to Andrew. It was Andrew that led him to Christ. Peter just was more publicly vocal.

Nothing is said in Scripture about Andrew after the Day of Pentecost- the day Peter brought 3,000 people to Christ. Historians say Andrew was eventually crucified in Greece. Apparently he lead the wife of the Roman governor to Christ. When she refused to recant this new faith, pushing aside the gods of Rome, Andrew was killed. He was lashed to the cross not in the T shape but in a X shape, where his arms were tied down with rope in a X. It took two days for him to die, however painfully. During those two days of slow death, Andrew brought passers-by to Christ.

Don’t think your life does not have an impact. You may be the very person that changes the life of the person that changes the world. Andrew, who lived in the shadow of Peter- the most influential and known disciple- was just as significant to history. Never doubt your potential or value of investing in the individual, not always the crowd.

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