You, I love.

Though simple, I think a lot of people forget one major thing about God. He loves us, truly and deeply. Often people have disbelief in his love because they find it hard to understand a concept of unconditional love. Most people have experienced heartache, betrayal, or pain in relationships, therefore belief in a God that loves us is unfathomable. His love is enduring. It never fails. You may think you are too far from his love. Maybe you have done something shameful in your life and you cannot get over the guilt. Maybe you have been hurt and you lack the trust. Regardless of your personal circumstances and whatever baggage you might carry, God loves you. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone fails. But this kind of love is unlike any other. You never have to feel alone or unworthy. You never have to feel the guilt and shame of your past. He forgives you too! Move forward. Know that wherever you find yourself today, with all that he is, he loves you. Truly and deeply, he loves you. Don’t forget that.


I just feel that some people need this reminder.

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