Not worth it.

Life is not easy. Far from it. Do you ever hear of someone stressing out over an easy decision? Rarely, if ever. Decisions that require thought and time are the ones that have potential to change the course of your life. Marriage. Dating. College. Career. Location. Kids. Friendships. It is inevitable. I have found that the things that matter most are the decisions that are the hardest to make. Rarely is a decision clear and rarely is it easy. When I have chosen the easy path, I have always regretted it. It usually meant choosing what was easy or convenient over what was harder but better.

I have also discovered that which is easy is usually  not worth the fight. It is not worth stress. It is not worth pain and heartache. That which is easy usually means settling for good rather than great. It is not always the case, but often that is the truth. That which is easy is also rarely worth my prayers. We don’t usually pray for the simple or easy things. But instead, it is the hard decisions, the difficult situations, the confusion and the chaos- even the desperation- that leads to seeking God. Those very things- the hard issues of life- are the ones worth fighting for and worth praying for. Usually the rest is not worth it.

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