This Genesis.

New Years tends to make people act crazy. In reality, this holiday is just an excuse for people to lose all inhibitions and behave even irresponsibly. Not everyone acts that way, but to an extent everyone will add hype to just another day. What makes New Years such a big deal? Yes of course, the year changes from 2010 to 2011. I get that, but why the hype? Why the insanity? People create New Years Resolutions to lose weight, exercise more, talk nicer to people, do better at their job, be a better spouse, etc. Why do we wait for New Years to decide to make change in our lives?

For the past three months, give or take, I have had this transition of my heart, my mind, and even my lifestyle. God has challenged me in so many ways to begin everyday as a fresh start. To smile in spite of what happened yesterday. And to believe that tomorrow will be even better than today. Every day is a genesis of the self. We don’t need a new year to roll around for us to improve our lives, our habits, our attitudes, or whatever else.  Everyday is a choice, a choice to be who I am called to be. This genesis is exciting. A chance at a clean slate with God and a chance to become who he created me to be.

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