{Sweet Serendipity}

I have been on this amazingly crazy ridiculous journey lately and I love it. I have challenged myself with a few things, not because it is a new year, but simply because I desire to discover my true self…who I really am. In this search for who I really am, I’ve fallen in love. Yes love. But that’s not the crazy part. I have found a love for something I knew. Deep in my heart. I have found a love for my God in a way I have never known. I am suddenly captivated by the love and grace he offers in ways I cannot explain in proper rhetoric. Its this beautiful mystery of accidental rediscovery of the truth behind this girl I have been for 23 years. I am a lovely, beautiful, captivating woman that God created. He loves me for me. And because I know this without doubt, I am again surprised, now with a peace that resonates deep within me. His love overwhelms everything. That is enough to satisfy me.  All I know is that in this journey of self-discovery, I have found sweet serendipity.

Though this song isn’t exactly the same as what I wrote about, it is what inspired me. Enjoy!

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