“How fruity are you?”

Here are notes from the third message from Tim Moen from retreat:

  • Psalm 1:1-3
  • Acts 4:13 …people recognized that Peter and John had been with Jesus- they were emboldened in their faith and their lives were evidence that they truly knew Jesus and lived by his teachings
  • The same goes for YOU…it will be obvious if you are spending time with Jesus [i.e. praying and reading your Bible]
  • Spend time in the Bible…
    reading your Bible not only helps you learn more about God it continually teaches you
  • Spend time in prayer…
    speak to God about your life- HE WANTS TO HEAR YOU!
    be honest and open with him because he already knows everything but wants you to talk to him
    but also listen to him…in silence! [no distractions either!]
    James 1:9
  • Spend time in Christian and Godly fellowship…
    be surrounded by those that will influence you to go to God
    “bad company corrupts good character” …be cautious of too much time spent with those that will influence you in the wrong direction –> away from God!
  • If you don’t have “fruit” in your life …are you really a follower of Christ?
  • “Fruit” is evidence in your life that is produced when you have a relationship with God
  • Matthew 21:19 …when Jesus saw a fig tree [its purpose to bear fruit] that had no figs it withered
    –>we should never not have fruit in our lives because we should always continually grow in our relationship with God
    Don’t neglect your purpose [to bear fruit…i.e. do what God has called you to do]
  • If you’re seeing growth, then keep doing what you’re doing. If not, it may be time to “transplant yourself”…change things in your life that are holding you back from more of God
  • Ultimately when we desire to follow God, we need to let his Word, the Bible, be ROOTED deep within our hearts for continual growth

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