Here and Now.

I have been back in New Jersey now for about 5 months now. I have a new job, new church, new friendships, new gym, new car. Everything in my life is new (for the most part). I have to say that life is pretty good right now. It is not my ideal situation nor is it my dream situation. I am still in this time of transition, slowly becoming a completely independent adult, no longer in college, having to deal with the everyday struggles of the real world. Part of that includes putting my dreams and desires on hold. I am not embittered by my life’s situation, but I do recognize that there is much more ahead of me. More hikes, more travels, more adventures, more people to meet, more stories to hear, more of life to experience.

That is my desire. I know that I will get that chance, but I know that right now I am meant- destined- to be here exactly where I am. I am actually becoming content and excited about the here and now of my life. I am so many ideas and visions for what I can be doing to bring tangible influence to this area- to my city and state. To my home, New Jersey. For the longest time I wondered why I’ve struggled with areas of leadership and realized this: I did not have the right people working along side me. Now, as I plan various activities and events, I am not alone. We dream together. We plan together. We push our vision to reality…to possibility, beyond just a thought. It is exciting to know that dreams I have don’t actually have to wait. Some actually can happen now.

I know these are just random thoughts of a young youth pastor, but I enjoy sharing my life with others. Life is never meant to be done alone, without companionship and/or friendship. We cannot even enter this world without the help of others. How dare we think we can daily live without others. So here I am, finally, realizing the potential for right here and now largely because I realized I am surrounded by other passionate, motivated people that will be a catalyst for change and influence. We actually can change the world…

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