We are gathered here today to catch the bouquet of the bride and to act like wildlife for just a single moment.

I would definitely say that about sums up the bouquet toss that happens almost at every wedding. I genuinely love weddings. And I genuinely do not like care for a bouquet of flowers being launched into a group of crazy girls that actually, somewhere deep inside, believe that if they do indeed catch those seemingly magical flowers, they would be the next to have theirday. Superstitious or not, almost every girl at some point has a glimpse of hope if they can lay fingers on the bouquet. Having gone to many weddings and forced to stand in the arena of desperation, I would usually be the unenthusiastic girl in the back allowing for the other girls to hurl their bodies in order to grasp the bride’s bouquet.

However, in light of being around close friends and being in a fantastic mood, I figured that this one time, I would play along. Front and center, I stood, jokingly pushing friends and bridesmaids to make the catch. My plan sorrowfully backfired as the bouquet was thrown in my exact direction and landed, almost perfectly, in my hands. Clenching the bouquet, I realized…crap I became one of them. I caught it. The bouquet- the very thing I avoided successfully at years of attending weddings. I cannot help but laugh at this. Girls get so hyperemotional about things like a bouquet toss that they forget that love is not in an engagement ring, flowers, or even a wedding. Love is something far beyond a moment.

Though I did not find myself seriously thinking I am going to be next now to get married, I do find myself longing for the day that I can be joined with my husband and Beloved. I would love to meet and marry my husband soon. I cannot lie about that [though that is not because of my recent catch of a wedding bouquet]. I want to love and be loved. Who doesn’t? As I said, love is not a moment, a gift, or a wedding. Love is a daily choice, a verb, an action of self-sacrifice, selflessness, and unity in Christ. So yes, I do want to fall in love and get married. More accurately, I want to live out love, finding someone that draws me closer to the heart of Christ and challenges me to be a better person. Though without superstition, yet with much future hope, I caught a bouquet. I look forward to the day-the beginning of a new journey- I can, among other things, toss a bouquet of flowers into a crowd of crazy girls waiting for their moment.

[I did not mean to over-spiritualize the idea of a bouquet toss at a wedding. These were just random thoughts late at night that I felt like sharing.]

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