Beyond the Cross…

Maybe this is sacrilegious, and I apologize for any offense this might give, but I believe that there is is something beyond the Cross- the very death that Christ endured…to the end. Beyond the forgiveness he offers. I have become aware of so many people around me that, despite their Christian faith or roots, they lack one thing…FREEDOM. Christ died on a cross and died a miserable, painful, and dehumanizing death. For you. For me. We deserved that death. We deserve nothing, yet gained everything. I have no idea what your story might look like. I have no idea what God holds in your future…but one thing I am sure of. It does not end at Christ’s death. That is only the beginning of a beautiful journey of so much more. Redemption. Stronger love. Deeper value. Purpose. Victory. 

Whatever you might be facing or struggling, I want you to understand something, something that is so crucial that it cannot be neglected. Sex addicts, alcoholics, porn addicts, liars, broken hearts, cheaters, the cheated, past hurt or anything in between… Christ did not stay in the grave. He rose from the dead, bringing forth a freedom and victory beyond the cross, beyond his death. No matter what you face, Christ can not only forgive you, but FREE YOU! You can have the victory, overcoming whatever your situation looks like. Whatever your struggle…Do not fret! Do not worry! 

CHRIST CAN SET YOU FREE! You can grab hold of victory in spite of how dark or hopeless it may be. See the resurrection that comes after forgiveness. Restoration and new life can be yours, and ultimately, victory.  

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