“Ordinary to extraordinary”

[Notes from Senior High Camp with guest speaker Chet Caudill]

The disciples…all they did was get excited about something. This is a generation that wants to do something powerful for God. How much more should we do with our lives if have the fire of God within us? In Judges 6:11-12, Gideon was confronted by an Angel to lead freedom to his people. Gideon was given a calling in spite of his position- he was least in his family from the weakest clan in all of his people. Gideon was obedient and brought forth freedom from their enemies. 

God’s purpose is to save the lost. Christians need to identity with God’s purpose and embrace his plan (Gideon embraced God’s calling on his life). Believe that God can use you. Sustain your passion but I will urge you that you cannot live your Christian life solely off emotions. If you live your Christian life off emotions you will quit and give up. Are you willing to listen to God’s voice? We may not be able to see the end but we can see the beginning and see that God is with us. Will you be obedient to whatever he is saying? You may think that you are ordinary, unable, incapable, weak, too young, too old, or whatever else, but God can and will use you to do extraordinary things. 

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