“Game Changer”

[Notes from Junior High Camp with guest speaker Brian Porzio]

Have you ever watched a sports game [of any kind] when things may be going okay, but then something happens and the game completely changes for the better? Usually it is because one person gets into the game and completely alters the mentality and the morale of the game, igniting something deep within the rest of the players. 

That is exactly what happened to the disciples in Acts 2. The disciples loved God and were doing good things, but God clearly had more for them. The Holy Spirit [the game changer] so greatly challenged the disciples to become all they could be that they all knew they wanted to be changed. 

The baptism of the Holy Spirit is not about speaking in tongues or doing some miracles. That is a misconception among many believers. Instead the baptism of the Holy Spirit is about letting the very Spirit of God infiltrate our hearts and change us to be the best people we can be. With that, we will be given incredible abilities to do things outside our human nature. It is getting to know the heart of God and desiring his fullness in our lives. The baptism of Holy Spirit is that fullness, the spirit of God deep inside of us. You- a mere human- are a temple of God’s spirit. The baptism is about being immersed in his presence and spirit. It is a powerful infilling of God’s love inside of you. The disciples experienced that love, that infilling. It was not about the supernatural things that came with it. It was about them waiting on God to do something incredible in their lives and sharing that with others. They were excited, passionate, and on fire for God because they had encountered him beyond some prayer monologue. They wanted ALL God had for their lives. The Holy Spirit was the “game changer” in their lives. 

Why would you want to live your life knowing there is more for you?  

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