To even the kids…

Rather than writing a reflection for everyday I spent in Costa Rica, I am compartmentalizing everything, breaking it all down into a summary of our trip.

I love being able to be around kids, no matter where that is. Several mornings on our trip, we had an opportunity to work at a government run orphanage. We had prepared a VBS for the kids everyday, sharing stories from the Bible, ultimately teaching them of God’s love. It was quite a challenge. These kids were not from Christian backgrounds. Instead, their lives have been shaken through various obstacles- abandonment, death, disease, or disaster. Somehow they ended up at an orphanage. Though some of the kids were respectful and had joy, others were dripping with bitterness, anger, and above all, brokenness. I believe God did use our team to minister to them, even if we did not seem tangible evidence. Even if just one kid was able to find God in the midst of their situation, it was far worth it.

[Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” – Matthew 19:14]

One of the afternoons we had another opportunity to work at a different orphanage. Let me say- it was very different. It was faith based, ran by an American couple that has sacrificed everything to help these kids. This particular orphanage was considered more of a permanent home because these kids will most likely not get adopted, for various reasons. Though their situation is not ideal, and for some even grim, their attitudes and behaviors were far different than the kids at the first orphanage. These kids recognized the grace of God in their lives, despite their circumstances.   These kids gave and received love, whereas the first did not even really know how. But that is ministry. That is the Message of God’s love, reaching out with deep love and compassion, regardless of the type of response.

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