Small accomplishment.

Sometimes in life, it really is the small things that can mean the most to us. For anyone who knows me or anyone who has read my blog for a while knows that I have a foot and ankle injury that has basically been the frustration of my life for two years. My right foot has been constantly swollen about a half size larger than my left. Wearing shoes that fit well and comfortably is rare. Wearing the shoes I love, mainly high heels, is, well, almost never. And standing, walking, running, especially for longer periods of time, will may not hurt at the time but kill later. This injury has limited my ability to really train with a lot of cardio that I would love to do. 

But this is not about my frustration. This is about one small accomplishment. 

This is about a dream. A race. A goal. This past Saturday I ran a 5k that was called “Race to the Dream”. All of the registrations, plus any donations, went to an organization called “Good News India”. The money benefits building a dream center in India that protects, as well as rescues, children of human trafficking. The race was just a small step, a small accomplishment to bringing hope to children that are surrounded by hate- grotesque perversion. 

The race for me was way more than a race. It was much more than a $20 donation to Good News India. Since my injury I have been running, or at least trying. I have come to enjoy running, but honestly I am not very good at it. My ankle is weak and my foot hurts. In previous 5k races, I have had to walk partially to avoid adding to pain and swelling. This year I was determined. I was determined to not give in at the first bit of pain. I ran knowing the pain would come, but also knowing that just because there was pain didn’t mean my foot would get worse. In fact, my doctors have told me that I can’t hurt my foot worse than what I already have. So I ran. And yes, briefly the thought of Forrest Gump ran through my head. I was running….


That’s the point. I ran. I made it through the entire race- 3.2 miles- without my ankle giving out, with my foot hurting, or without immense pain shooting up my leg. I did it. It was only 5k and $20. But My money went to a great cause that brings freedom. And my hard work- pushing through and not giving in at the first feeling of pain- led me to a victory, though small. It was a HUGE accomplishment for me. 

So don’t give in or give up. Press on and believe that there is purpose in even the smallest of things. What we do matters. What we don’t do also matters. Where we spend or give our money matters. Where we put our energy matters. Everything matters- wherever you are and whatever you are doing- whether big or small. For me, this race was a complete accomplishment. 

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