An update after a few days in Kenya so far…

Upon leaving JFK airport on Tuesday evening at 7pm, we flew for about a total of 19 hours, 3 layover hours arriving to Nairobi, Kenya at 9pm on Wednesday night. What we thought would be a quick entry at the small customs and passport control turned into over 2 hours getting our visas to enter Kenya because the airport had closed earlier in the day for a mysterious flight problem on the runway. After meeting up with Andrew and Abby, the missionaries, we all [Peter, Natalie, Rachel, and I] stayed the night at a Christian guesthouse in Nairboi- a great way to end a very long two days. On Thursday morning we arose early to drive the 3 hours north to Nanyuki [and to cross over the equator into the Northen hemisphere]. The drive from Nairobi to Nanyuki consisted of bad traffic in Nairobi, uneven roads…no really…uneven roads that could easily kill a car if you’re not very careful. After arriving to Nanyuki, we walked around the property of Mt. Kenya Bible Baptist Fellowship including the church, the school, the boarding house, etc. It started to rain and therefore every Kenyan in sight ran inside… basically all Kenyans think that if they feel cold, they get sick. Because Nanyuki is in the mountains at the base of Mt. Kenya, it is higher elevation and the rain is freezing rain and hail. On Friday, we spent the day around the boarding school and Bible school- including chapel [IN SWAHILI!] and tea time [tea time is a huge deal to Kenyans because its a former British colony]. We spent a bulk of the day running errands for the missionaries. In the evening, we enjoyed time with one of the Mt. Kenya boy’s homes. Probably one of the best orphanages I’ve been to- not in quality but in the spirut of the boys that were there. They loved playing the games, they were respectful, and loved meeting some Americans. Today [Saturday], we woke up early and set off on a 2 1/2 hour journey north to a village that has a church plant from Mt. Kenya Baptist. Today was devoted to sports ministry. On our drive of over 2 hours, we had roads that would be ideal for mudding, dirt biking, and four wheeling- full of mud, water, and big bumps and drop offs. It was a nice drive in scenery though… it was beautiful with mountains in the background and tons of animals. We saw plenty of Zebras and gazelles, a few water buffalo, a few warthogs, some giraffees, and some elephants in the distance. Quite the experience for not being on an actual safari. After arriving to the village with the church plant, we played volleyball with the locals for outreach. In the afternoon we joined with people from the same church to another village of primarily Muslims. There we played a huge soccer [football] match with a football ministry. It was an incredible day with 3 people coming to know the Lord. We are quite exhausted and still jetlagged [7 hours ahead of NJ].

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