Moments may be fleeting.

I believe in life there are certain moments. Defining moments. Challenging moments. Ones that force you to look at your life, who you were and who you have become. Ones that demand a response. But above all, life has those moments that change your life forever. 

You have a choice to act on those moments or let them disappear. You have a choice to let them be a catalyst within the life you are currently living. Every moment matters. Though it may seem small, it most certainly matters. Though it may be a big moment, it will not be the only one, nor the last.

Seize the moments- the ones that shape you to becoming a better person. Seize those moments that bring out the very best in your, yet challenge you to be better. Seize those divine, God-inspired, beautiful moments that you know are just for you. God has uniquely created you to be someone of significance and of beauty. Your life is not one of dull moments, but of beautiful ones that will bring the greatest adventure that is your life, if you choose to have faith that every moments has a purpose. Every person you meet, every place you go, everything you do…matters because each of those moments, in some way, is part of your life’s purpose. 

I want to live my life in an on-going adventure because I know, with faith and obedience to God. With every job choice, decision to move, the man I decide to marry, and even in the small moments of times with friends or gazing at the sunset. Every moment may be fleeting but shapes a part of my life. At the end of my life, I want to know it was well-lived, embracing every moment, good and bad, easy and hard, because every single one is a part of that life to some extent. 

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