What have I gotten myself into?

In my last post, I mentioned something about Insanity, a workout that is designed to kick your butt (literally) by intense cardio workouts. In my desire to be in the best physical shape, I decided to start this workout at 7am (or around there) everyday. Going into this workout, I knew it would be a challenge and push me in more ways than I would like. What I also knew was with any goal, efforts must be made to reach that goal’s potential. My first day- well actually my first several days- were extremely challenging. Before this workout I did miner cardio with a ton of weight training. So my first few days  I basically felt like my legs were made of jello and my abs were in a constant state of quivering. Now 15 days into this workout routine, I am seeing major improvements. I completed the second Fit Test [the first on Day 1, repeating every 2 weeks] and to my amazement I actually improved in my workouts and shed a few [just a few] pounds. Beginning Week 3 of this program, I am excited for acheiving more results. Mentally I have to prepare myself every morning for the intense workout, yet afterwards I feel more than awake and pumped for the day. And Yes! I am completely exhausted, sore, tired, and did I mention sore…? But what I have come to learn in my years of working out and getting fit, it takes sacrifice, perseverance, and discipline to get the results I want. In doing Insanity, I definitely have been reminded of this challenge. So my encouragement to you in your workouts or even other areas of your life, push through! Don’t quit, don’t give up, and definitely don’t become okay with mediocre… if your ultimate goal is about being in shape, or the best at something or the best you can be, mediocre is not an option. Let the sweat running down your face be a sign of your discipline, let your exhaustion be a tangible result of your perseverance, and let your aching and quivering muscles be a reminder of your goal. Push through. 

Bring on week 3. 

“Get fit or get out.” – Shaun T, Insanity founder.

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