Recovery week reflections.

I have officially made it into Recovery Week of Insanity- the fifth week of the program with less intense workouts. I am so excited to be doing this and have come this far. One things I have decided to do during this week is to workout at my gym with weight training to maximize my workouts. Let me just say…SORE! But I am so excited to be seeing results.

Today, after my workout with Insanity, I went to my gym and did a 45 minute weight workout for my upper body. I am definitely DEFINITELY sore. But I am learning so much about discipline and focus. Between doing a modified diet, doing Insanity and adding it workouts at my gym, I am starting to see results and I feel good! No GREAT! Throughout this process a few words or phrases constantly push me:

Dig deeper [the catch phrase of Insanity]

I am trying to implement all of this into my daily routine, and allow God to use this workout to teach me more than being fit. Pretty much this is a life lesson. Dig deeper and do your best at anything and everything. Focus on what God has set before you. Discipline your body and your mind to be focused on God- on living a godly life in purity, removing the things that will hold you back, even if only a little. And be steadfast- don’t give up. Be constant, unwavering, and determined in your pursuit of God.

Just a fun picture from IMPACT Italy [summer 2009] at a sports clinic- baseball, soccer [called Football], basketball and Ultimate Frisbee.
Death Run.
A picture from IMPACT Italy- a fitness/sports internship- we ran a total of about 7 miles in the Alps… yup, the Alps.

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