Some times it is so hard to understand why things happen the way they do. There is so much hurt and brokenness in this world. There is much pain and sorrow. Suffering, heartache, and loss.

I find myself with red eyes with puffy bags under them. Having cried off and on all day, my eyes know all to well the feeling of dryness and haze. But before continuing with the “why” for my tears, I need to explain the story leading up to this day.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine, a former classmate and now godly Christian woman, Michelle, called me to inform me of one of our peers being in the hospital. It was Drew Endicott. The thing is that I knew that name very much. I remember him from high school and even the years before. I remember the friends he had, none of which were close friends of mine. But I also remember seeing Drew the last time I actually saw him. At LA Fitness, where I regularly workout, I remembered on several occasions seeing Drew and his friend Matt working out. I recognized both, knowing that they most likely had no clue who I was. There were so many times that I had planned on walking up to Drew and Matt to say hello and engage in conversation- you know, the catch up kind with someone you were not actually friends with but feel obligated to respond. Even though I knew we were never friends in high school, and they may not have even recognized me, I felt like I needed to talk to both Drew and Matt.

You see for me, there is something that has always been foundational in my life: my relationship with God. It has and always will remain the most important part of life. The reason that I wanted to talk to Drew, and even Matt, was for one main reason: last I knew was that neither believed in the same hope that I do in Jesus. Since graduation day in 2006, I have been praying for my senior class. Yes, that might sound crazy. And hey, for any of you from my graduating class who might actually read this, I have prayed for you. You may not know me well. We may not be friends. But since graduation I have been praying for each of you to know the same love and hope that I have in Jesus- a faithful God.

Drew was among those that I had been praying for- to come to know Jesus. When I finally worked up the nerve to talk to him…I found out he was not coming back to the gym, that he was in the hospital, in a coma, on life support… and now that opportunity was missed forever. Today he passed away at 1:30 this afternoon.

My reason for sharing all this back-story is for you to understand something. God’s love is deep and far beyond our understanding. I don’t understand why God didn’t heal Drew and make that an incredible testimony for him to have. I wish that could have happened. But I also know that God can somehow do great things in spite of Drew’s death. Drew is not in pain or suffering anymore. But more importantly, and newly to my knowledge… Drew did come to know the Lord.  In his final moments before going in to a coma, he accepted Jesus to be his Lord and Savior- forgiver of sin and redeemer.  That is where hope and faith come in- when all else seems to not make sense I choose to have faith. I choose to believe that God can bring some sort of good from this situation. Of course I am mad at myself for having not spoken with him or Matt. But God had other plans. For those of you who might read this and knew Drew- God has a purpose.  We may not see the whole picture right now, but hold fast to a promise that God will bring healing, comfort, and restoration.

Trust and seek Jesus. Don’t give up. There is more to your story, and it can end with hope.

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