Where the Gospel Fails


Fencing With Ink

Christians amuse me sometimes. I’ve seen people try to tell someone that (enter hotly-debated topic here) is wrong and the other person doesn’t buy it. Then they turn to their friends with this shocked look on their face, like, “It’s as though what God says isn’t important to them!”

I just want to shake them sometimes and say very clearly, “People who aren’t Christians don’t do what the Bible says to do!” Here’s an illustration from my own life (see, I can make fun of people if I do the same thing. It’s not hypocrisy if it’s funny).

My friend and I were arguing about open marriages–she for it and I against it. We’d gone on for many minutes about the definitions of love and marriage and so forth. But quite suddenly, I realized that every reason I had against open marriage stemmed from my belief in God. What God…

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