Rare gem.

I find myself wide awake tonight…probably because I took an hour nap this afternoon. Yet,I have something on my mind. Have you ever met someone- the kind of person you cannot easily forget? There are those rare people in this world that are so few in existence that to forget them is nearly impossible because of the impact they have made on your heart and soul. You might know the person very well- maybe for years. You might know them because of what they stand for and you share in agreement with them. You might have only encountered them briefly…yet in those few moments you knew that there was something significant and different about that person. It may be a missionary you met, a friend, a professor or a stranger. But I hope one day you can meet one of those rare gems… the kind that shine no matter what, the kind that reveal beauty about the LORD, the kind that change you even in their passing by, the kind you cannot bring yourself to forget. The kind of person that will change the world for the better, regardless the length you were blessed by their presence and friendship.

I want to be one of those gems, the rare kind of person, that leaves their beauty and mark wherever they go. Someone remembered by the subtleties, the “behind the scenes” things I do, the things I do out of the overflow of my heart and not the pouring out of my pride. In my life, I have met a few of these people, and I can hope to embody at least some of that beauty and legacy.

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