Wisdom from myself…a year ago.

Thought I would share this letter with you.



Stop and breathe for a second. Realize this: God has done so much for you. He hasn’t left you, forgotten about you, or given up on you. Be still in His presence. This past year, 2011, was quite different and presented you with challenges. But you overcame them. At the beginning of the year you compromised, loved your flesh, and acted stupid. Stupid, immature, and disobedient to God. I’m not trying to be harsh with you but remind you that God is your everything and deserves your love, obedience, and honor. Because of your Flesh, yet brokenness before God, you were able to see His purposes. God reaffirmed so much within your heart. Refinement is probably one of the best words to use. Sometimes, Satan tries to distract you with things that look good or right. Like last year, he deceived you. Don’t worry, you grew stronger. Do you remember? STRONGER because your God has a purpose for your life. Plans, promise, and an anointing. He made you strong. For a majority of the year, as a sacrifice and way to allow more of the LORD to move in your life, you went on a dating fast/man-cation/sabbatical.  To be honest, it was very hard. You wanted to quit. You wanted to be just a normal 20-something. But God constantly reminded you that he had more. Do you understand what that means for you, even now? HE HAS MORE FOR YOU! Part of that fast was to focus on him, but another part of it was to become the woman of God you are called to become. 

Fall in love with God. Be captivated by His love. Fall in love, more, with your still unknown husband. No substitute. But your husband- your Beloved- is worth the sacrifices, frustrations, and even temporary lonliness. That is one of the greatest things God has showed you. Never forget that. You are beautiful and part of God’s GLORIOUS CREATION.  No one can tell you otherwise. You are called, by his grace and love, and cannot be stopped, except by your own self-defeat. So my advice to you is simply this: Don’t quit. even if you’re alone or feel abandoned. Persevere with any and all things God has called you. Serve God, first and foremost. Refinement may appear as suffering or pain but it is bringing forth God’s beauty more inside of you. Run. I mean it really. Run. RUN! Be free to use your body for His glory but honor God in the process. 2012 will be a challenge for you and by the time you read this, you’ll know. But press on. All the physical challenges- be disciplined. Spiritually…be disciplined! More than that, serve God- with that comes the heart of excellence.

So my challenge is simple. Do it. Run, in life, with dedication to God, rely on the godly men and women He has placed in your life, and live abundantly, not in success or wealth necessarily, but making the  most out of the life God has give YOU! Follow His voice and calling…ALWAYS. Even if you working as a missionary, paid minimum wages, or still remain at your job, follow Him. Single, dating, or married, follow Him. Be relentless in your walk with God. I’m not sure what else to say to you, but my prayer and hope for you is that when you read this letter, you are reminded of God’s goodness, provision, love, promise, and purpose. Take 2013 by the storm, moving in His passion, anointing, and joy. 2011 was an overall great year, with many challenges. 2012 will be better. Embrace this year. Live life abundantly. 

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