Godly heritage.

Godly heritage of America is not something a lot of people in this nation think about anymore. In fact it is actually discouraged. And frankly, my heart is heavy by that truth. America, with all of its flawed glory, was launched into concept when a group of people realized they wanted freedom to worship and pray how they wanted. But it was more than just worship. To the Founders of our nation, it was for freedom… period. From tyranny, from a king thousands of miles away, from injustice, and more. Yes, believe me, I well understand that though that was the intention America is full of a blood stained past of its own assortment of problems. But the concept of the Founding Fathers amaze me. Their courage to believe boldly, for most of them, in the Word of God, pray publicly, pray corporately, and stand firm that they were a nation that was not going to compromise the truth of God in their lives. Separation of Church and State did not exist. It was not and never was intended to become a concept. God was central in the founding of this nation. That truth is dripping from the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Amendments.

I would give anything to have experienced that just for a moment. To live in a nation where the government often was centered on the question “What does God’s heart have to say about this?” or to live in that time where the first Congress gathered and began with a convocation of prayer because they knew that laws and government and military needed God in the midst of it. Faith in God founded this nation. Belief in God led the emancipation of slavery. It was foundational in bringing literacy to the grasp of all people simply by giving people Bibles and helping them learn how to read from it’s pages. It was faith that recognized in the early 1900’s that though slavery didn’t exist, mistreatment of blacks was still a very brutal and yet justified behavior by many. Yes, not every single Christian wanted integration and equality for blacks but that does not mean that was God’s heart. My point is that faith and belief in God has been a foundational movement for momentum in America.

I will say this- I don’t think the Founders necessarily meant for the nation to be a “Christian” nation- but one that definitely had a lot to do with God. They lived in an era where everyday life wasn’t meant to be separated from God. Yes they each were flawed with their own sin and struggles. I’m sure there were plenty of drunks, adulterers and slanderers in the midst of the Founders of America. But I will say this…they knew that despite their issues they needed God. And now we live in America that regards God as barely even an option. Justification for abortion, revoking the right to bear arms [which was significant when that Amendment was made], justification for passivity on other injustices around the world. I firmly believe that if we are able to help others, then why not? I am not bashing our government in any way. In fact, I still maintain that I am a true patriot.

But I will say this: I am a believer and follower of Christ LONG before I will say I am an American. Everything I say and do needs to reflect my relationship with the LORD above all else. I admire the Founders because when they fought for the freedom of America, they kept God central in the argument for justice and freedom and liberty. I admire their fervor and passion. I feel as though the America of today is missing something. We are trying so hard to make everyone happy that in reality few really are. Being tolerant of everything and anything was never the intention of the Founders and yet that has become our anthem. Yes injustices and equality to an extent needs to happen. But the government was never designed to tell the Church that they can or cannot worship in a certain way, location or method UNLESS it physically harmed others. The principles of Christianity were brought into government originally for the sake that even if you did not believe them you could not deny that the concepts were good [i.e. not allowing murder, stealing, adultery, etc.]. This is not a blog about America being bad, condemning our government, etc. I know that enough Christians do that already without adding to the list. Simply, I am saying that as a believer in Christ, I believe our nation started with a good focus on the LORD and that focus has since disappeared.

My challenge in this is simply for Christians to serve Christ first. Before criticizing, judging, condemning, or cursing our government and leaders do what I believe many of the Founders did and really want Christians have done throughout the past 2,000 years when they see some form of injustice, compromise or  anything in between…they went back to the basics and prayed. They got on their knees, they wept, they prayed- publicly and privately, and they have changed history to once again recognize their God and make him central in every aspect of life, including government. That meant removing their own crap and allowing God to use them for His glory not their own. If we even dream about having a godly nation, a nation founded on the Word, it starts right in your own heart.

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