Cracked windshield.

So today, I write something very simple and more of a “food for thought” kind of thing. We had yet more snow cover the ground.

I love it. It is beyond peaceful. Today’s snow was heavy with snowflakes bigger than I’ve seen in a while. It accumulated pretty quickly too. As I left work and drove home, I couldn’t help but gaze at the beauty. When stopped, I had to snap a few pictures. By the time I got home, I had easily 4 or more inches of heavy packed snow that was resting on the top of my Jeep. I decide to scrape my good and get as much of the snow off as I was parking in the garage. Honestly my day had been good. I was a bit exhausted from being up since 4am going off 3 hours of sleep, and with plenty on mind. But I didn’t mind cleaning off my car and going inside to rest from my early and long day.

It was only after I pulled my car into the garage to find that I have a long crack across the entirety of the lower portion of my windshield. Immediately, I got angry. It was another frustration of something happening. Honestly, I may have said a few words under my breath that were anything but decent or tasteful. I couldn’t even deal with it. I walked away from my car and went right upstairs to take a nap. I needed to get my mind off this distraction and frustration. I was mad at myself for being mad the way I was mad. I was mad at the fact that my Jeep now has a 3 foot crack across my windshield, and I am not even sure how it got there.

Then I realized, the crack was another thing to worry about, but something that was not that big of deal in the grander scheme of things. There are far more important things to worry about. There are so many more things to care about and focus my attention. That crack isn’t going anywhere right now. I don’t have the money to get a new windshield. So it has to remain. But my attitude does not. I think that’s a huge part of why I got mad.

We can so easily get distracted and angry, prideful and selfish on things that are not of greater importance. When my attitude can so easily shift from being prayerful and happy on the drive home while looking at the beautiful snow, to angry and using language I shouldn’t…there’s a bigger issue. Today, though simple, was a frustrating reminder of our lives as Christians. Even when no one else is watching, can see what we are doing or can hear what we are saying, those private moments away from an audience are the moments that show your true character. Those moments show your attitude toward yourself, and especially your attitude toward God. We can choose in moments throughout our days to being of godly character, love, patience, kindness, holiness, and purity. Getting angry, like in my situation today, is not wrong. I’m mad that my window is now damaged.  But my reaction to my anger is the point. I chose to respond in a way that completely opposes His heart, as well as His desire for me to live.

Regardless of the moments you face, tomorrow, throughout the week, and so on, you have choices to make. You can respond in ways that still honor Him, even if no one else can see, or you can respond and react in ways that reveal your heart instead of His.

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