i have decided that nature is an awesome thing!! it is the one main way God speaks to me… i love it.  i see his wonders and they never cease to astound me.  i love snow…its so pure. yet one tiny thing can completely destroy its perfection.  rain is an incredible sight for me. ever since honduras in the summer of ’04…i can never stop loving rain.  God split a rain storm…he showed his love by his power…he poured down his grace!! the sunrise and sunset are astonishing…their beauty is always a mystery.  each day they bring a new day…giving us more chances.  each night is closed with their sweet kiss on the earth.  its awesome.  but one of my favorites is the stars. i love them!! every spring, summer, and fall i just randomly,at night, will go outside and gaze into the distant heavens.  its God’s special present to us.  a mystery left for the human mind to discover.  i absolutely can’t wait until it finally gets warm enough…i will be outside all the time trying to decifer their messages!! i just sit outside, sometimes for hours, just thinking of God and his magnificent creation. feel free to join me anytime…His creation is meant for everyone!!

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  1. Heyhey, its kelly o’malley…amazing the pictures God gives to us. Im taking a Fine Arts Apreciation class this semester and im loving it. Its helping me apreciate the beauty God blesses us with. Ima hafta take up that offer this summer when im home to go out with you to gaze at the beautiful stars! Your a true inspiration Mandy! God Bless…..-smelly

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