Isaiah 35:3-4

“Strengthen the feeble hands,

Steady the knees that give way;

Say to those with fearful hearts,

‘Be strong, do not fear’

Your God will come

He will come with vengeance;

With divine retribution

He will come to save you.”


this verse is amazing. it was exactly what i needed to read. i have felt weak so many times, feeling confused, lost, fearful, not knowing my life and its course.  this verse just stuck out to me. it impacted me.  i am very weak and feeble… but God is there.  at times my knees will give way, making me fall. i get scared.  but then there’s God.  he is always there ready to catch me. he strengthens me and steadies me. it is exactly what it says….he is there. we have no need to fear. though in life we will face hardships, we can get through them with God. he is really the only reason i have gotten through deaths in my family, my dad’s major paycut, my own problems, times that seem like defeat…..God is my reason for enduring.  he is an everlasting friend and comfort. i honestly have no clue where i would be if i didn’t follow him. i guess its good that i don’t have to find out.

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