good friday…a day of death, sacrifice, defeat…ONE man, ONE mission, ONE reason. i don’t know what i can really say.  he gave everything for us.  he sacrificed his self for the cause of man.  GREATER LOVE!! he showed love by dying a death so painful that it is indescribable.  this day is called GOOD because one man was able to defeat a definant fallen angel…he was able to defeat evil by dying…the head of the devil was crushed…the gates of heaven are now open for EVERYONE to enter…when they realize and accept Jesus as the reason!!

Jesus i thank you so much for your sweet surrender of your self.  you didn’t have to…but you wanted to.  i love you so much!! i wish i could only thank you.  me going the distance isn’t even enough thank you…but you still want me!! you are amazing…i love you lord!!

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