today God really did something.  he changed many hearts today…including mine.  he went in deep!!! so many of us had a terrible attitude today and throughtout the last week.  we were jerks, brats, idiots, and hypocrites.  who goes up to worship thinking that they can sing praises to God, when they are so stinkin concerned who they are singing with and who shouldn’t be there.  i know i am speaking for myself.  i was one of the worst.  but TODAY God gave us a revelation.  ITS NOT ABOUT US!! we don’t go up on stage to sing worship to our friends or boyfriend or anybody…but God who deserves our praises.  pride is something that is like a cancer that comes in little by little and slowly eats you away.  it isn’t good.  attitudes of every kind are something that can completely divide a group that was once so closely knit.  one little comment or word can separate a group.  a little chain of gossip can burn like a rapid fire burning everything it touches.  thats how we were.  we let that crap come in and destroy us.  it was eating us away.  but we decided we either had to stop it or let it continue its path to devastation.   we beat down the pillars that the devil had put up and replaced them with strong pillars of faith.  we prayed!! which i might add is the most powerful thing ever!!  afterwards our hearts were so in shape and ready for what God had for us.  my night had an amazing u-turn into actual “worship”.

on top pf the amazing change in attitude…God used two people to really touch  my life tonight.  one person was a leader…who came up and told me a very encouraging thing.   he said he felt that God wanted me to know that i am going to amazing things with my leadership and devotion to people’s needs.  you have no idea how much someone saying that to me really means!!!  the other person was a friend.  someone who also learned a humbling message out of today.  she was touched by God in such an amazing way.  but the thing is…for a while…our friendship has been hindered.  then today we just talked for a while.  it was so encouraging to see someone my age take a step of faith trusting that God knows what he is doing.  thanks to both of you for being awesome and touching me!!!

this song shows the attitude that resulted from the spiritual battle that we fought today.  though we began at a rough start with the wrong attitude.  we changed.  we realized that we have so much potential…if only would see that.  our attitudes were so off key…showing worship as only singing songs in a band.  but worship is LIFE.  it is your very existence presented before God.  everything you do is worship.  its for God!!

“My God” by Hillsong

Your faithful love
has always been there for me
the greatest love
that I have ever known
what can I give to you
for all You’ve given to me
You gave it all
and You are all I need

You are my king, You are my God
the praises I bring
come from my heart

This is for You
for all You’ve done for me
and I wanted to show You
how much You mean
my God, my God

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