sin is like a cancer.  at times…it is completely eating away at you.  you try “medications” but they continue to fail.  it controls your life.  but then it will disappear as only a sly way to confuse the mind.  it thinks it is gone for good yet it is only in remission waiting to come back suddenly and stronger.  thats my life.  my sin continues to come back and eat away at me.  i wish i could control it. i wish this DEADLY cancer would finally be overtaken.  i know thats why Jesus died.  i know he died so we wouldn’t have the burden of sin any longer.  i love him for that.  his grace is the only reason i still am here as a christian.  but i wish he would show us “easier medications” that were quicker to our cancer.  i wish my body could just heal…BY HIS STRIPES WE ARE HEALED.

-we are like dry bones in a desert valley…we are in some way decaying because of sin and life and maybe the mistakes we have made…BUT
we are awaiting that final breath of the FOUR WINDS from God to breathe the breath of life into us and arise our dry bones so we can dance with God…-

i am those dry bones laying in the valley.  i am allowing my sin to decay me and dry me out.  i NEED God’s reassuring power and strength to come in like a great wind…and awaken my bones…me dryness…so i can once again be all-out passionate to my creator and master.  please God help me!!!

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