LOST senior high camp

camp was great this year.  it wasn’t the best year in some aspects…but it was the best when it came to God.  i felt God in the services and prayer. read and see how my life was the past week…


DAY 1-tuesday

we got to camp and i saw people i had already known…friends i hadn’t seem in a while. the service that night and the week was great.  FLOODGATE…the drama team from CBC was incredible and hilarious.  ron heitman…a pastor who is totally on fire for God spoke all week.  he spoke on getting lost in the greatest moments of our life.  how we can get lost and turn our back on God because we aren’t willing to give a little.  (mark 10:17-22). 

DAY 2- wednesday

an early rise began the day..AHH!! there was morning worship lead by jay dela cruz and his band…they are awesome.  then all the seniors left to go to another service…eh.  when we broke into our clubs, i was in the worship band/choir club.  right away pastor jason asked me to LEAD WORSHIP…i thought he got me confused with another girl from last year.  so i lead worship with joey bucci. it was cool to finally get that chance.  the rest of the day was pretty cool until we got to the crazy games…the RELAY. oh man…i almost broke a rib and thats not an exaggeration. i slid on a slip n slide and bruised my rib really badly.  so it hurt me really bad.  that night though, the worship was great…done by chosen, the band from VFCC.  the sermon was about three fires: FIRE OF DENIAL, FIRE OF RELATIONSHIP, FIRE OF GOD.  it was great.  the prayer time was pretty good too. 

DAY 3-thursday

thursday was insane.  the worship was lead again by jay.  again there was a senior meeting in the morning.  games, etc. was okay…nothing too special.  the night service though was AWESOME!!! pastor ron spoke on getting lost in God once you are filled with the holy spirit.  that night the prayer service was the most amazing prayer time i have ever seen.  so many people were desperate wanting more and more of God.  toward the end of the service, a girl, my friend sam prayed for me….but the crazy thing was that she prayed for me in SPANISH when she doesn’t even speak it. she then told me over and over that God is going to use me.  i was so overjoyed.  it was incredible.

DAY 4- friday

it was a crazy day.  morning worship by jay.  i was so happy when they didn’t have the seniors leave.  brian adams spoke on ezekiel 37…which was insane b/c he spoke on the exact points i am speaking on in august at NATIONALS.  it was amazing.  the team competitions were so crazy and intense. there was the giant relay race.  i had to do the slip n slide…i beasted it man…and then i ran so flippin fast.  i kept us in a 2nd place lead. we did though end up coming in 4th at the end.  the night service was unusual.  the worship band/choir performed…we lead in FOREVER, and as a choir sang “who can satisfy?” pastor ron spoke on SPIRIT, SOUL, BODY.  
(genesis 32:22-32) how you can have a name change, grip change, walk change.  it was great.  afterwards we had a bonfire.  at it jay’s band lead worship and we all just praised God in front of a fire and  amazing surrounding.  people spoke of how God changed them during the week.  it was awesome.  i loved it. 

DAY 5- saturday

today…we left camp…ahh!!! i miss everyone.  i put all of my pictures on my community webshots page.  http://community.webshots.com/user/broken4jc 
so look at em…

thats about it with camp. it was a great experience to have.  i loved it.  yeah there were certain things i didnt care for as much or whatever…but overall…CAMP ROCKED.  i got one more year left.  CAMP 06!!

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