recently i really come to realize that God is incredible regardless of life’s circumstances. there are so many things that can happen that can really bring someone down. i just went to honduras a few weeks ago. there i saw so much pain, hopelessness, and dryness. i felt such a burden for people who do not have a hope in Christ. when i returned from honduras there was so many things that happened. i found out my cousin shane was in a massive wreck. he was going thru a green light when an 18 wheeler semi-truck ran thru the red light smashing into him. its been about 2 weeks and he is still in critical condition. there are so many thing wrong with him now. all we can do is pray. after returning home from honduras i had to deal with other things not near as severe as my cousin. honestly i do have to the rest was pretty well….SUPERFICIAL yet it still got to me…haha. but what i learned in the past few weeks is that regardless of your situation….serious or superficial…God is there. he does care about even the simple things in your life. he knows what he is doing in the tough areas of your life…the times when there is no one else to turn too…well there is still God. he understands the uncomprehendable things even though we can’t because GOD IS A GOD OF MYSTERY…we are not meant to understand everything at once…its a matter of faith. he even knows the desires of your heart…he knows the things that you desire so much. this i realized: even when you don’t get it now or right away…HE KNOWS….its just up to his time. trust in God at all times.

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