hey guys…i just got back from honduras. i have don’t even have enough words to explain my trip. this was my third time returning to honduras. every year i have gained more compassion for the people there. my burden i have for the lost, poor, diseased, and hurting has increased every year. i saw some of the poorest people in latin america. i saw children running around with no shoes on while running thru mud and glass and who knows what else. i saw people with disease and disabilities. you can not even understand the pain unless you face it personally. i have decided after 3 years now….i kno why God has told me to go…i know without any doubt i will one day be a missionary in honduras. i want so desperately to see the nation rocked for God. so yeah here is what honduras was like daily…..(this is a rough idea of what we did)

we had to get to the philly airport at 9 am. we left at 12 and landed in miami airport. we then landed in san pedro sula at 7ish. i got to see my friends again. CARLOS, WALTER, MARISOL and JUAN (well on tuesday but whatever). we stayed in a missions home overnight. oh my gosh….we were so flippin tired.

we had to leave at 5 am to drive the 3 hour drive from san pedro sula to la ceiba. we got there around 8 or 9ish. then we had to take a 2 hour boat ride to roatan island. we stayed in the END OF THE LAST RESORT hotel…aw man…it was on the beach. you have no idea how beautiful it was. that afternoon we went to two schools and did assemblies. that night we went to a church service. the atmosphere was incredible.

we got up early and went to 3 schools and did assemblies. man was it flippin HOT!!! that night we went to a college.

it was basically a similar schedule to wednesdays. we did school assemblies. we ate at the lagoon…aw man!!! beautiful!!!! we were sooo tired that night…i slept like a baby.

we only did two school assemblies but they were amazing. that afternoon we had free time for a little bit. some people went snorkling. i didn’t….erg. anyways…that night was incredible. the missionaries, sam and evelyn klingler, have a HUGE circus tent and they do crusades. before it though we had a parade to tell everyone about the crusades. they call the crusades LA CARPA DEL REY…so friday night we had a crusade. it was incredible. me, brianna, and sarah were all dressed evil…they were demons and i was satan. we performed in the drama CHAOS…which shows the chaos (hence the name) that satan does in the lives of people. how he distrupts life until jesus comes and saves you. it was awesome to see the impact it had on the people there. there were about 3000 ish people there at the crusade. the prayer service that night was awesome. so many people accepted Jesus as their savior. during the prayer service a little girl came up to me and asked me to pray for her. aw man i was a sucker…she was sooo adorable. i have never seen a child so desperate like her. her name was Ingy. all i can say is WOW!!

we began our day by having a kids crusade. we gave all of the kids beany babies and toys afterwards. they were so cute but it made me almost cry cause they all were so poor that they wanted more than one toy. that night we had the last crusade. it was incredible again. i have such a burden now for them. it was the end of our ministry on the trip.

BEACH BABY!!!!!!!! it was our free day and we pretty much went to the beach. we all snorkled. me, gabby, kassi, and heather lead by sam….definitely went snorkling in the most amazing coral reef EVER!!! we even went way out into the open ocean…i swore i was gonna see jaws. haha. it was amazing. before leaving i had to say goodbye to someof the honduran guys we worked with. i said bye to the worship team, niem, william, the other ones that i don’t know their names. but the hardest goodbye was JUAN. he is sucha great friend. we both almost started crying. he gave me his necklace and said i was his baby…haha…then of course we did the long trek back to san pedro sula and stayed in the missions home again. that night i had to say goodbye to evelyn…man did i lose it completely. i love her so much. man i can’t wait to see her again.

leaving!!!!!! we went to the market place before we went to the airport. i got gifts and what not. it was fun. but then we had to go to the airport. saying bye to walter and marisol was hard. but saying bye to sam and especially carlos…aw man i almost lost it again. i love all of them soooo much.



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