wow…GOD IS TRULY AMAZING!!!! so much crap can be thrown at you and you just need to trust in God and know everything will be all right. earlier in the month of January i had been told i was accepted to Southeastern University however last week after my tried calling about financial aid information she was told that i had been put back into the pile of applications for more reviews. i was sooo mad and angry. i was beginning to doubt why God had me apply there but then have me not accepted. and i was so confused as to what would happen. well today i finally got a call from southeastern u. my new admissions counselor called me and told me i was accpeted as well as receiving an academic scholarship. last night i had prayed for about 30/45 minutes about college as well as other issues and i finally jsut said i would trust him. well today proved that the person who trusts God and doesnt waver…will get the desires of their heart. ah I LOVE GOD!!!!

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