SNOW IS EVERYWHERE!!  but the thing is…i love snow.  i adore snow.  it covers everything. changes the scenery.  it disquises the dirty and makes the most ugly things beautiful.  how could anyone hate this wonder!?!  what i think of everytime i even see a snow flake i think of God’s grace and his undying LOVE that can PURIFY our lives.  if you think about it our lives are like the snow and land.  we are so often covered in crap and ugliness {sin} but then God’s grace falls on us flake by flake and covers us with him and purifies us.  makes our dirtiest secrets, sins, whatever white and clean.  i am reminded of this everytime it snows…and i will never forget that in snow there is a promise God gives us…that regardless how many times we have screwed up…he is there and cleanses us!! I LOVE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

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